My Works

Right now, our works can be divided into two major series, each story in them self-contained. So it doesn’t matter which you pick up first, each one will give you a glimpse into the life of the cast of characters in each universe.

Shifter Paranormal Romance
Crescent Kingdom: Chambers Pack

The story of the Chambers Pack, wolf shifters from another dimension. They visit the human realm on occasion, bringing intrigue and more than a little bit of passion in their wake… when the political affairs of their world don’t spill into ours first.

Romantic Suspense
Lovers Rush Series

What happens when a hitman named Christian Richardson gets involved in the ordinary, humdrum lives of a doctor named Peter and a lawyer named Victor? What results drags everyone else into a whirlwind of excitement, danger, and romance.

Dark Paranormal Romance
Nightbreak Series

Sometimes the monsters like to come out and have a little fun. Nightbreak is a darker romance collection with vampires, shifters, and other supernatural creatures. There’s a happily ever after, but usually with a sacrifice or two along the way.

More About Our Works

The characters in our worlds represent a variety of sexual, gender, and romantic orientations, in an effort to depict the true diverse nature of the human experience. (Even when our characters aren’t quite human.) This includes not just heterosexual relationships, but also same-sex ones, with plans in the future to continue expanding the diversity of our cast.

Not only are these stories born from a heart of passion for the LGBTQIA+ community, but as members of that community ourselves. Our goal is to provide not just exciting, entertaining, and scintillating stories, but to do justice to the people whose lives we represent in our work.