P. W. Davies is the brainchild of not one, but two accomplished writers and Romance enthusiasts, joining forces to produce works of Romantic Suspense. Our works take place in both real and fictional worlds, involving characters we’ve crafted together over the span of nearly a decade. Here’s more about the evil geniuses behind our works.

J. R. Wesley

J.R. Wesley’s educational background is in Information Systems and Technology with a minor in Business. After graduating, J.R. – aka Jesi – worked as a freelance web designer in addition to offering technical and copy edits for clients. Jesi has always been a voracious reader with an eye for detail. In 2008, technical edits gave way to editing fiction. She is the head editor and co-owner at Crimson Melodies Publishing and independently runs Writing On Point.

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Connor Peterson

Connor Peterson is a USA Today bestselling author, who writes Dark and Historical Fantasy (previously under the pseudonym, Peter Dawes). With a background in independent comics, and over a decade of work as a professional writer, Connor is also a regional Municipal Liaison with Jesi for NaNoWriMo’s Philadelphia region, where he helps mentor aspiring writers. He co-owns Crimson Melodies Publishing with Jesi, and is a member of the Romance Writers Association.

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